Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Meeting!

Our first meeting ever took place last Thursday on the 13th (sorry about posting this a little late). Two members sadly couldn't make it, but nevertheless, we had a fun and successful time. Since it was just the first day, we decided to take it easy with the crafts. First, we made a couple of announcements on upcoming events and fundraisers (such as the Couple's Basket) and then we decorated our craft bags with fabric paint, felt, lace, and more. We shared a lot of great discussions and even had a little taste of Ms. Mitchell's (our supervisor/sponsor) personal music (hee hee).

Here's a few pics of the club in action (sorry for the sucky camera angles, I don't exactly have a steady hand)

The girls busy at work
Jinsil showin' off
Brianna showing her bf some love (the bag has their initials)
Ms. Mitchell and Ayah

Can't wait 'til next meeting!

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