Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reminder for Members:

Our weekly meeting will take place on this Friday, not Thursday, and we will be meeting at Starbucks at the Village. It will probably end around 4:00. As you've read in the text I sent you, I will list the things you need to bring for tomorrow projects:

-1 L or XL t-shirt
-1 t-shirt of any size
-1 elastic hair band
-1 light weight, cotton-blend t-shirt
-and of course, your kits

Here's a preview to some things we will be making:

Can't wait to see you there!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2nd Meeting: Yo-Yo's

Second meeting was full of sewing, talking, laughing, Zingers (a chocolate snack cake), and music powered by Brianna's handy-dandy iPod speaker.

For this meeting, we learned how to sew yo-yo's and recieved materials for constructing a felt heart brooch.

Yo-yo's are an easy applique that looks kinda like a scrunched up circle. Not only are they super easy to make, they require nothing but some scrap fabric (you can try old clothes) and a needle and thread. Here's some pics since I highly doubt my blatant description did this adorable and versatile applique justice:

They are very easy to make and look great in different colors. Here's a great step-by-step tutorial.

The possibilites are endless! Just adding yo-yo's to anything will guarantee an awesomely updated look

Unfortunately, I lost track of time with the yo-yo's so the club couldn't get started with the heart brooches. Each member received the materials in order to make the brooches at the end of the meeting. I finished mine that very night-perhaps it was the guiltiness of not starting on it earlier. This is the outcome of my brooch:

The brooches were based on this tutorial. It's really easy and pretty self-explanatory. It may take a while to make, especially if you're a beginner sewer like me, but it's definitely worth it.

Below are some pictures of the meeting, courtesy of Ms. Mitchell with her iPhone and its cool camera effects

until next week :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Meeting!

Our first meeting ever took place last Thursday on the 13th (sorry about posting this a little late). Two members sadly couldn't make it, but nevertheless, we had a fun and successful time. Since it was just the first day, we decided to take it easy with the crafts. First, we made a couple of announcements on upcoming events and fundraisers (such as the Couple's Basket) and then we decorated our craft bags with fabric paint, felt, lace, and more. We shared a lot of great discussions and even had a little taste of Ms. Mitchell's (our supervisor/sponsor) personal music (hee hee).

Here's a few pics of the club in action (sorry for the sucky camera angles, I don't exactly have a steady hand)

The girls busy at work
Jinsil showin' off
Brianna showing her bf some love (the bag has their initials)
Ms. Mitchell and Ayah

Can't wait 'til next meeting!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


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Sneak Peak: Couple's Basket Raffle

Attention all couples attending GPA!

I know it's a bit early to start thinking about gifts for Valentine's Day, but if you want to get your sweetie a great gift, it's better to prepare for an opportunity like this. Starting February, The Craftettes plan to sell raffle tickets. Buy these tickets for a chance to win the Couple's Basket (valued around $40!) Specific details will come later*

*details may change,but will be updated immediately

Here's a couple of pics of the things contained in the basket:

-two adorable plastic "glasses"
-a pair of hand-crocheted love birds (valued at $5 each)
-a pair of coordinating wrist warmers, also hand-crocheted (valued at $5 each)
-this is how the wrist-warmer looks while being worn
-a hand-crocheted sleep mask with a sequin accented strap, which is backed by a soft felt on the other side (valued at $15)

not pictured: a miniature bottle of apple cider, decorated recipe cards for Valentine's Day dinner ideas, and a large Valentine's Day card made and decorated by The Craftettes' fellow co-prez herself, Jinsil

Remember that you don't have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend if you want this basket. The basket can also impress your crush, too!