Thursday, March 24, 2011

8th, 9th, and 10th meetings

Sorry about not updating in awhile. School's been kind of hectic lately, but fortunately, tomorrow will be the last day before we start spring break! Alright, now for the updates

Eighth Meeting
We sewed baby hats again. I plan to donate the hats to an organization soon.

Ninth Meeting
We made friendship bracelets out of t-shirt yarn (a.k.a. "tarn"). Tarn is basically yarn that is made out of cut-up t shirts. You can find a tutorial here. The reason why we used tarn was because the string is thicker. Therefore, it takes much less time to finish a bracelet and the bracelet appears a lot chunkier. It turns out to look something like this:

*if you want your bracelet to look as chunky as these, try crocheting each of your strands. This will make them thicker.

Ninth Meeting
Today, I was inspired by my Martha Stewart book,

In the book, it listed a tutorial on how to make tissue paper flowers. I didn't take pictures for this meeting, but I did find the link to a tutorial on how to make one of the flowers in the book out of tissue paper here. Instead of using the floral tape, we used yarn and tape. Also, we used wooden beads as the center of the flowers. This craft is great for the springtime :)

Here are some pictures I found online to inspire other fellow crafters

Until next time and have a great spring break