Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brief Intro...

So you must be asking, Who are the Craftettes?
The Craftettes is the name of the new craft club at our high school. It's a play on the word "crafter" with the ending "ette" (Think "The Ronettes" or "The Pipettes", two awesome musical artists I highly recommend if you're into to that whole 60's girl-group pop).

Our club is not totally official, but we've been approved by the school and our upcoming meeting is going to take place around next week. From there, we'll round up members and give them a little taste of craftivism. All our future projects are going to be eco-friendly, easy to construct, and a lot of fun. We'll post pics in the future of projects, fundraisers, and events to keep ya'll in touch with our whereabouts.

So don't go away, we're just getting started!

-Hannah, co-founder of The Craftettes

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